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VLE - Virtual Learning Enviroment

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VLE - Virtual Learning Enviroment
by Muhammad Faisal - Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 5:01 PM
our VLE- Virtual Learning Enviroment is an online learning and communication platfom provided to students, lecturers and staff members to intract each other.

the VLE infrastrcutre managed and run by IT Department under guidance from the UKBC strategy Group.

How to make a best use of VLE

  • navigate to
  • log into they system by providing your username and password which you can find on your ID card and password provided you in a separate email
  • after loggin into you will see useful material on the Left and Right hand side of the page. Left hand side is related to your course and learning activities while on the Right hand side section is about general announcement, calendar, online users, private file and other additional blocks.
should you need any IT related help then please drop an email to